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the end of the period, the small hole in the wall has become a big hole - so big that I can stick my head out. I only vaguely remember that there was a big snow in the winter of that year, and I stayed at home for a few days. go to school. That day, I went to my grandmother's house to play, and I wanted to climb more than a kilometer of mountain roads. The snow is floating and the mountains are white and white. It is impossible to tell where the road is, where is the slope, and where there are pits. I walked and walked, suddenly my feet were empty, and I slammed into a big hole, only showing my neck. However, I did not cry out for help. Instead, I used my hands to cut the snow around me and enjoyed the fun alone. I don't know how long I played, the adults in the village passed by and pulled me out of the snow pit. On the first holiday after school, I stayed on the side of the road and wanted to buy a five-cent popsicle. The pleasure of eating the popsicles, and the Chinese New Year pigs to eat small fried meat, the heart is beautiful Newport Cigarettes. However, I did not eat a few popsicles to start school. Spring rain, sprinkled on the mountain road, is like a layer of greasy, muddy is difficult. Without an umbrella, we are wearing plastic sheets, straw hats, and climbing the stones, weeds or shrubs on the side of the road. Walking, my feet slipped, my body twisted, and I hooked my body and grabbed it by hand on the side of the road. In a hurry, if you don't pay attention, you will catch the hemp leaves or thorns, it is painful and itchy, very uncomfortable. However, in the words of my mother, it is the most sinful to go home from school on a rainy day. A few kilometers down the mountain road, when encountering a steep slope, grab the stone, weeds or shrub branches and move down the hill little by little. Wrestling is commonplace. For the first day or two, after three or five days of rain, the road down the mountain became wider and wider, and there were no objects attached to the roadside. Therefore, we can only pull some branches with dense leaves. When the gentle slope is gentle, the sticks will slowly move. The slope will put the branches under the buttocks and slide downhill like a slide in the city park. Sometimes, I even climbed with a roll, and I got to the bottom of the slope. In either case, when I got home, it was a weekend after the mud monkey started school. The sky was clear, the breeze and the noodles just happened to catch up with the transplanting. My brother and I helped to escort the seedlings. The adults picked the tied seedlings to the side of the canal and then dumped them in a canal and transported them out. My brother and I ran back and forth along the canal. Suddenly, there was a cry for help. Looking back, a child fell into the canal and was drifting towards us. He is a child of a family close to the Red Brick House Primary School across the river. He is still under five years old. My brother and I chose each position to kneel down and reached into the canal to prepare to catch her. However, the water released in the reservoir was too urgent, and he struggled so hard that neither my brother nor I could catch him. So, my brother and I quickly climbed up and ran to the front of the water. I found a narrow place not far away. My brother climbed down and I used my brother's heel. The younger brother's body stretched out into the canal, and grabbed the hand of the drifting child with both hands. His home and my family are across the river, and it is also a single-door single-family. My brother and I took him ashore and sent him home. In order to thank our brothers for their help, the mother gave us a bowl of fragrant lard bibimbap. Under the faint sunshine, we had a very happy meal. In the summer, the lawn behind the classroom grew stronger and attracted each of our small partners. So, we made the hole in the wall bigger and we could drill it. The teacher knocked on the copper basin and we ran into the classroom. When the teacher entered the classroom, we drilled out of the hole and turned the bucket on the lawn. The teacher had to run back and call us. Every time we go to class, we have to repeat the game of playing hide and seek with the teacher. Later, I didn't know who it was, but I also threw the broken copper basin that the teacher knocked during class in the ravine. Therefore, the teacher can only shout with a scorpion: "Come on class, class!" We sometimes pretend to be inaudible. The rain in the summer has come even more fiercely. The thunder and lightning are mixed, the wind is blowing, the valley is full of floods, the rumbling sounds, echoing in the mountains. Sometimes, a sudden rapid rush out of the side, a little faster or a little slower mokingusacigarettes.com, will be washed down. Fortunately, we are safe and sound. The other half of my childhood was spent in the dam. The first grade study was over, and the test scores in both the language and mathematics were only scored more than 20 points, but still got the top name in the class. During the summer vacation, the family moved to the central school of the dam because of the transfer of his father's work. When the big truck that was swaying was parked at school, I jumped out of the car and walked barefoot on the basketball court. I thought, "The ground is so smooth, you don't have to wear shoes in the future." That holiday Marlboro Gold, the weather is hot, encounter On the rainy day, I will take off my clothes, naked, close the school gate, and alone in the playground while running the rain, while catching the water hen, fun. When the weather is fine, I am riding a bicycle on the playground, circle after round, and the holiday is over, and the new school year is ushered in. However, my father was afraid that the first grade of my reading in the mountains was not strong, so let me read from the first grade. In the days that followed, I often miss the last year of the year in the mountains - the rain of that year and those past events, sweet and happy.
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